Should you pick an agency of individual developer for Python project?

If you are looking for outsource help with your Python project, you have two options. You can choose either a full-cycle agency or individual coder. Both options are viable in certain scenarios and you need to think hard before making the choice.

Pros for hiring a solo developer

If you want to launch a simple SPA and you don’t expect to have a lot changes on your hands in the years to come, hooking up with an individual Python developer can be a good thing to consider. In this way, you will surely win from much lower rates.

Pros for hiring a full-cycle agency

And if you expect that your web app will grow in the future, it’s always better to hire an agency which will help you with upgrades, updates and general maintenance of your application.

Importantly, you should remember that Python is extremely versatile and you can do both machine learning underlying solutions and UX packaging with just this technology. Thus, it makes much more sense to hire an agency and outsource the whole thing to them.