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Top 8 most vulnerable WordPress Plugins of 2020

One of the most preferred and popular CMSs (Content Management Platforms) across the globe is WordPress. The tool is widely known for its intuitiveness, usability, functionality and ease of use. It has leveraged a plethora of plugins, to enable users…
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8 Must-Have Features for Hospital Apps

More than 66% of healthcare providers in the US offer patients their app, Accenture report says. Though more than half of users reveal their interest in mHealth applications, only 2% use apps of their hospitals. Among the possible reasons why…
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4 Reasons to develop an app for your clinic

Today, almost every clinic is pondering whether rolling out their own app makes sense. In the majority of cases it really does. Here’s 4 use cases showing that your app will magnet traffic like you’ve never seen before! 1. Scheduling…
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