Why did Python become the best language for data science?

Importantly, it’s not like Python has always been the top solution in data science as R used to rule the world before. But these days Python is an unbeatable leader for all of your data science and machine learning solutions.

Here’s a number of reasons for that.

1. Not only ML, but UX as well

Being an extremely versatile language, Python gives you a chance to code not only ML underlying solutions, but also UX as well. This way, your development team will keep tabs on all sides of your online presence, making maintenance and upgrades super-easy and fun.

2. Lots of libraries and frameworks

Python boasts a large number of frameworks and add-ons that will enable you to find solutions to almost all standard programming problems projects face. It cuts out a lot of time and effort you’d otherwise have to make.

3. Python is all about readability

This language focuses on delivering clean and readable code, which makes it easy to collaborate, make changes to others’ projects and find your away around the complex architectures.