Should you develop an app for your restaurant?

We believe that each and every restaurant stands to win from launching their own app for iOS and Android. Creating an app is a lengthy and arduous process, so you need to make sure you pick a duly experienced agency with excellent track record in this domain.

Here’s just a few of the use cases, which your new app will serve.

1. Delivery orders

Customers don’t like discussing their orders on the phone. Just clicking on the menu items and paying with a credit card in your app is so much easier.

2. Shout-outs about new items

Another great use case for your restaurant’s app is telling the whole world about the cool new items you’ve just gotten on your menu.

3. Offering discounts to loyal customers

Loyalty cards can be hard to “sell”, but having the loyalty discount in an app takes out the “painful’ component of the loyalty campaigns. Now, you fans will have another reason to come back to you more often.

You can start with developing an app for Android. This will help you see strengths and weaknesses you want to work on before launching an iOS solution for your restaurant.