Why is Python growing so quickly in popularity?

Today, Python is probably the most popular programming language in machine learning and artificial intelligence. In addition, it’s starting to win more ground as a language for website development as well.

There’s a number of reasons why this language is getting more and more popular. Review them in order to decide whether you should look more into this.

1. Simplicity and elegance

Python is all about simple solutions and elegant coding. Here, you’ll find it easy to navigate and you’ll never need to tackle some weird things like in JS.

2. Lots of libraries and frameworks

Whatever your needs are, you can rely on the extensive libraries and frameworks here in order to make use of the ready-made solutions to the majority of standard problems in projects.

3. Robust community

The community around Python is growing fast with many coders flocking to the language. This will make it easy for you to find new hires whenever you decide to expand your team.