Will Python stay popular for a long time?

Even though Python is very popular today both for machine learning and webdev solutions, one might wonder whether this language is going to stay strong in the years ahead. Naturally, you should stick only with those technologies that are here to stay. Otherwise, you’ll have a lot of problems with finding new hires for your project.

Here’s a number of reasons why Python isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

1. Simple and easy to learn

This programming language is extremely easy to learn, and you can virtually start coding in minutes. As compared to C++ or similar technologies, this is a big advantage.

2. Growing community

The longevity of the language is all about the community it’s enjoying. And these days lots of coders actually migrate into Python and not out of it.

3. Corporate supporters

Google treats Python as its main coding language with the unofficial motto being “we use Python whenever we can and C++ whenever we must”.

All of these factors make us believe that this versatile and clean programming language will remain popular for years to come.