Tips for Digital Marketing Success in 2020

Connecting with anyone, particularly your target audience has never been easier. You can’t deny the fact that technology has made sharing information more accessible and convenient these days. And that the internet, more than ever, has become such a powerful tool.

Consequently, you should not undermine the impact of technology on your business. Because ignoring the current trends and refusing to adapt can put an end to your company. This is why investing in digital marketing should be a priority whether your a startup company or an already established corporation.

Digital marketing is causing disruption and if you refuse to keep up, you will ultimately be left behind. So to help you, without further ado, below are our best tips for digital marketing success in 2020.

Procure a smart email validation service

One of the key ways to succeed in digital marketing in 2020 is procuring a smart email validation service. Email validation cleans your email list which can significantly improve your sender reputation. Email list validation not only complement your marketing efforts, but it can also magnify your overall ROI.

The importance of email validation chiefly lies in the fact that your undeliverable emails can take a toll on the effectiveness of your marketing. When your emails are constantly reported or complained about, tagged as spam, were incorrect or nonexistent—your Sender Reputation will seriously suffer. Several studies—including one by Return Path, show that 77% of email delivery problems were caused by Sender Reputation.

This is why you need to start thinking about verifying your email list. And getting a smart validation service will ease your burden. Doing so will help solve the following issues:

  • It will reduce the email bounce rate.
  • It will help avoid complaints and Spam trap hits
  • It will increase Inbox delivery and results
  • It will lower your mailing costs especially if you are using an Email Service Provider (ESP)
  • It helps increase data quality thus resulting in more usable leads

Companies who have implemented a smart email validation service observed a reduction of 75% in bounce rates, while an increase of 20% in open rates. This means that since the open rates have increased, the conversion rate, brand awareness, and ROI were also positively impacted.

Team-up with reliable digital marketing companies to come up with a good marketing strategy.

It’s no easy feat to run and manage the day-to-day operation of a business. It’s no wonder there are still a great number of companies who are not paying enough attention to the digital marketing side of their business. However, if you want to accelerate the growth of your company, then it’s high time to invest wisely in digital marketing services.

Furthermore, if your company’s core focus isn’t in marketing, consider outsourcing or collaborating with digital marketing companies. This is a wise decision to make compared to struggling to do it fully in-house. Not only that digital marketing companies know what to do, they usually have the right tools, have a multi-professional team, and allows you to lower your costs and risks.

The following are some of the services offered by digital marketing companies:

  • Email Marketing Services
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Content Marketing Services
  • (SEO) Search Engine Optimization
  • Analytics Services
  • Paid Media Services
  • Amazon Marketing Services
  • Website Design & Development
  • Public Relations

There are numerous resources and recent statistics results that you can find online which can attest to the effectiveness of cooperating with digital marketing companies. Reading and analyzing case studies, for example, are a great way to gauge how digital marketing services can help your business.

Take for example the Interstate Batteries SEO case study. The company’s objective is to have a more in-depth understanding of SEO and its best practices. After teaming up with a reliable digital marketing company, their website’s visibility significantly increased due to better SEO implementation. 

Another good example is the HVAC Services Client SEO, Redesign, Social – case study. Even though HVAC was doing well in organic search, they opted to collaborate with a digital marketing firm to stay competitive. They want to stay competitive for the industry and service-related terms, both at the national and local levels and also in social media.

Aside from knowing your brand’s needs, try studying the recent trends and do some researching. And then clearly communicate your marketing objectives with the digital marketing firm to come up with the best marketing strategy for your business.

digital marketing trends

Follow the trends

The traditional way of executing strategic marketing is to maintain connections with the targeted audience coupled with good intentions and timing. Comparatively, this marketing form is already out modeled and is replaced with a more advanced form—digital marketing.

On one hand, the old concept for marketing continues in business operations. While on the other hand, recent strategies have been developed to make digital marketing more powerful than before. Specifically, these are improved SEO optimization, artificial intelligence, personalization, chatbots, social media messaging apps, shoppable posts, and whatnots.

An increasing number of companies are taking advantage of these strategic trends to obtain maximum conversions and ROI. Over the past few years, digital marketing has grown tremendously and it continues to grow. There are so many current trends and innovations that it is important to stay abreast of them to ensure digital marketing success. 

So now, here are some hacks to keep yourself up to date with these emerging digital marketing trends: 

  1. Invest in education. Try enrolling in digital marketing courses, or reading substantive materials.
  2. Read books. Pick books authored by experts on digital marketing to avoid trial and error approach.
  3. Subscribe to useful newsletters and blogs.
  4. Build a network. Find like-minded people, business owners, as well as experts in the digital marketing field.
  5. Join groups, communities, forums related to digital marketing.  

Voice search

Voice assistance features like Google, Alexa, Siri, etc, are technologies that can read a text out loud and perform tasks as well. Many people, at least 31% of smartphone users globally, are now using a voice-activated search like Siri.

In 2020, it is surmised that 50% of all searches will course through voice searches and expected to rise as the biggest online marketing trends in a few months. Moreover, this technology is so effective because searching with your voice is faster than typing—thus it’s more convenient, and voice search is very suitable for mobile searches. So it’s important not to disregard this trend. 

Shoppable Posts

Social media nowadays is no longer just about being social and connecting with your target audience. The latest, profitable trend involving social media aside from marketing, is the ability for businesses to utilize it more as an extension of eCommerce stores.

Social media platforms took into consideration the fact that more and more people are shopping via these platforms. And this innovation has made it easier for merchants to sell via social media. Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest now have native integration for eCommerce stores to create shoppable posts.

Shoppable posts are a great way to drive traffic to your product pages. Recent statistics show that about 60% of Instagram users shop using the platform. While 70% of Pinterest users said that the site helps them find new products.

Smart bidding in Google Ads

Although automation is not something new in the arena of digital marketing, you can expect it as well as smart bidding to be the upcoming norm for PPC account managers. This is due to the recent updates with Google Ads.

To optimize your bids for you to get the most value for every conversion, Google Ads depends on machine learning. The new improvements will maximize your conversions as it makes optimizing your bids better.

You will now have the ability to choose your conversion actions at the campaign level, the ability to optimize your bids across several ad campaigns with your desired conversion actions, as well as the ability to automatically change set bids when a sale starts or stops.


One of the most important trends of today that you should not just watch-out for, but should be included in your marketing strategy now—is personalization. 2020 is all going to be (mainly) about personalized marketing. 

People are just plain tired of constantly seeing generic ads and commercials that don’t interest them at all. Personalized marketing is more appealing to consumers. No wonder generic commercials and traditional advertising isn’t as effective as it was before.

The new era is all for personalized marketing and advertising. Statistics reveal that out of 1,000 people surveyed, 90% of them find personalization more appealing. Customers now expect to get personalized services. But, don’t worry! Digital marketers won’t run out of ways to deliver.

To start your personalization marketing efforts—begin with your newsletters. Segmenting your email lists is not only an effective way to personalize your emails, but it’s also one of the most popular and proven ways to personalize your marketing.


You may have encountered this several times recently. Chatbots technology, or bots, are becoming increasingly sophisticated, faster, and more efficient. Another product of artificial intelligence (AI) as well as machine learning, bots are becoming more and more capable of handling complex tasks or requests.

People for the past couple of years have been communicating with chatbots and the feedback is great. With the help of bots, customer service (and retention) is efficient now more than ever.

Social Messaging Apps

Last, and surely not the least, in the list, is Social Messaging Apps. If you are not familiar, these are social media apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, and others which are often used by people to connect with their friends. Apps like these are increasingly being utilized by businesses to communicate with their customers or target audience.

This is increasingly becoming a hot trend for businesses because they can conveniently communicate directly with their customers and vice versa. It also allows room for more personalized marketing. Additionally, it allows relationship-building, the ability to educate customers, it can boost sales, it can invite people to events, it can conveniently provide customer support, and can help in regaining potential customers.

So make sure to incorporate social messaging apps in your digital marketing strategy the soonest as possible.

Final Thoughts

There’s no foolproof way of ensuring digital marketing success in 2020.  However, your willingness to learn and educating yourself will significantly up your chances. The tips mentioned above are what we think you should prioritize for the success of your digital marketing. 

To sum up the above points—first, remember that the digital marketing landscape is continuously evolving and growing, so now is the best time to adapt and keep up with it. Email validation can effectively boost your marketing efforts. Outsourcing or teaming-up with digital marketing companies to come up with a good marketing strategy is another key to success.