Should you develop an app for your clinic?

Today, many healthcare institutions are considering whether they should launch their own app for iOS and Android. Interestingly, the leadership often has to deal with the concern that the new app will somehow “steal” traffic and conversions from the online site they already have.

This is a myth, and hiring an external agency to develop your app today makes a lot of sense. Here’s why.

1. App and site have different use cases

Your clinic’s site is similar to a business card. People come here to learn about you, your doctors and track record.

The app is more like a messenger and task manager all in one. You can set up all kinds of systems here, including direct messaging between your personnel and patients, scheduling, reminders and billing.

2. People first use site and then your app

Your new app won’t steal the traffic the site generates. People usually visit clinics’ sites and then make a choice to stick with one of them. No need for them to come back to the site anymore!

But, if you have a handy app to offer, they will be happy to do all the interactions, billing and scheduling through it. That’s just better UX!