Outsourcing Software Development to Eastern Europe

Every day more and more entrepreneurs see outsourcing to Eastern Europe as a good alternative to in-house teams. Because through hiring a software outsourcing development company, the entrepreneur becomes able to focus on his core business while ensuring benefits for the development of his business. He can have a better quality of operations, good productivity in key areas, time optimization and, especially, reduction in the overall costs of the organization. Want to know why outsourcing to Eastern Europe enables a significant reduction in spending? Are you interested in outsourcing your company’s services and want to know more about it? Read the post get all your answers about the topic!


What is Outsourcing Eastern Europe?

Outsourcing your products to Eastern Europe is an activity that passes on to a third party the fulfillment or maintenance of a service or process. In other words, outsourcing matters in delegating certain activities so that other individuals or companies perform tasks in place of part of their own team. The company that outsources these activities, for example, can hire Python/Django development company to create a web or mobile app, which should generally not be related to the company’s primary purpose. In this way, an outsourced activity can ensure that the company can achieve its professional goals more effectively. However, for greater success in your products to Eastern Europe such as Ukraine, it is necessary to carefully examine the social contracts of the companies, checking the clauses that designate their corporate objects, so as to know the areas that are possible to outsource and not have concerns in the future.

According to Stack Overflow, these countries have the largest developer population across Eastern Europe (over 420,000 engineers).

What care is required when Outsourcing Eastern Europe?

Some people think that outsourcing as an activity is complex, but all entrepreneurs have the possibility to hire an outsourced service. Generally, those who seek outsourcing in eastern Europe the most are those who lack the structure or technical knowledge to operate a particular activity or do not want to have a headache with ancillary activities that require unnecessary time and expense.
Another important point to note is that outsourcing that relates directly to the core activity is not yet properly legally regulated.

On the other hand, when correctly isolating and defining the end product, all other activities can be outsourced. It is evident that before outsourcing an activity, it is necessary to have a good analysis on the part of the entrepreneur in order to reduce the risks and avoid having a job situation with the outsourced employees. It should always be borne in mind that if there is a direct subordination between employees and the service-taking company, the situation may be characterized as unlawfulness of outsourcing. Thus, if there is a labor demand from the outsourced employee, the service taker may be liable for labor debts that the provider fails to pay to employees.

Therefore, it is essential to investigate, before hiring outsourcing software development companies. It is always important to apply for negative tax and charge certificates, business and financial references, course labor actions, quality certifications (ISO: 9001, for example) and open cost spreadsheets to understand price composition. Be wary of companies that charge very low prices. There is no magic. That short-term cost advantage can turn a large labor liability forward.


What sectors can be outsourced?

There are several sectors that can be outsourced, such as software development, cleaning, facilities, security, maintenance, logistics, infrastructure, and others. Moreover, it is not only new companies that can opt for this type of service but anyone who wants greater service agility and cost savings. As these facilities are becoming increasingly clear, we see many entrepreneurs adhering to outsourcing software development companies.

Security software development outsourcing, for example, is extremely common and quite efficient. Ukraine’s specially armed private security sector is tightly controlled by the Federal Police, which requires periodic retraining of vigilantes and constant control and maintenance of weapons and ammunition. Incorporating these bureaucratic routines into an unskilled security organization becomes very inefficient and outsourcing becomes natural.

Source: Stack Overflow


Advantages of outsourcing software development to Eastern Europe

Lower price for development

It is well known that outsourcing software development to Eastern Europe can reduce company costs, and this is one of its main advantages. By outsourcing software development to Eastern Europe, the company can spend less on wasteful products and machinery, and have a lower cost of terminations, employee changes, vacation replacement, and absences. Labor liabilities are drastically reduced and there is much greater predictability of the monthly costs that are established through contracts signed with contractors.

In addition, a specialized outsourced company has greater process knowledge, enabling greater productivity or scale gains, either by applying specific procedures and training and/or by using the right equipment/machinery.

Time optimization

Another benefit of outsourcing software development to Eastern Europe is the optimization of the time it provides. With the more fluid division of labor coupled with higher quality and greater expertise, there is better time management. In addition, they become the responsibility of outsourced complex processes that demand a lot of time. For example concern about the working conditions of a company and the hiring of employees.

More effectiveness in the company’s business areas

The convergence of attention to company services is a good point when deciding whether or not to outsource an activity in eastern Europe. Such convergence happens as, when contracting a third-party service, concerns about secondary services are eliminated. Thus, it becomes possible to save all the energy and time dedication of the company to return to the areas of the business itself.

High-quality service

Another major benefit of outsourcing software development to Eastern Europe is the expertise of more qualified and experienced outsourced employees. This ensures higher quality and considerably reduces the chances of hiring bad professionals who will not work well or who are unethical about the service. The highest quality is due to the fact that outsourcing companies are always seeking to adapt to market trends within the services they operate, which also ensures more effectiveness.

Combining improved service quality, time optimization, and a greater focus on core business, it is very clear that the company that invests in outsourced software development services is likely to grow and develop. In the competitive landscape of the modern world, outsourcing software development to Eastern Europe which is best carried out by outsourcing software development companies has become synonymous with more productivity and quality. This practice is increasingly common among companies, whether large, medium or small, as they all seek to reduce costs and improve their activities with effective service.

In this way, outsourcing software development to Eastern Europe by outsourcing ensures greater peace of mind for the company as well as the customer, as it will be serviced by skilled labor.